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SARA BOWERS is a Contemporary Artist making her home in the Grampians National Park in Australia. Her current work is a response to the intricacies and uniqueness of the local landscape in the in the form of encaustic, illuminated sculptures and lighting design, works on paper, paintings, and carved sculptures in indigenous stone and wood. Sara works professionally as a Graphic Designer and Artist and is owner of Studio 8 - Graphic Design and Art Studio.


“From Seattle I moved to Australia in 2003 and was struck by the beauty of survival in an often parched, barren land. It has come to be a representative metaphor of many personal perseverances for me. Since moving to Australia, I have dedicated my artistic focus to an awareness, response, and examination of the Australian landscape as it relates to my life.


”My work centers on the representation of subtleties and sensuousness of colour, shape and texture. I frequently focus on the changes and effects of weather, time, and seasons, as well as nature’s process and progress of birth, growth and rest. My work balances geometric shapes with organic forms and materials, in response to the balance of urban with rural, and of the fragility of death with the abundance of life. I am fascinated with nature and my art aims to capture its essence, the energy of its creation, and the perfect natural chaos of various stages of life, growth and decay.


“My work as a graphic designer and training in photography have helped shaped my use of media and light in my fine art. Formal study in America, Europe, and Australia in the areas of art, architecture, and design have broadened my perspectives on conceptualisation, and use of colour and structure.



1996 - 2000 | B.A. in Fine Art and Design (grad. with honours)

Recipient of 1999 Fine Arts Grant



1999 - 2000 | Diploma in Design, (grad. with honours)


EUROPEAN STUDY PROGRAM, (Through Seattle Pacific University)

1997 | Study focus in art, culture and artchitecture. Italy and France



2004 - 2005 | Traditional and creative techniques in color and BW darkroom.



2013, Above and Below (Solo Exhibition), Brushes Festival, Halls Gap VIC

2012, Reflections/Refractions (Solo Exhibition), Goat Gallery, Natimuk VIC

2009, In the Space Between, (Solo Exhibition), Three Stories Gallery, Healesville VIC

2008, Caravan Sculptors Group Show, Richmond VIC

2007, Of Beauty Rich & Rare (Solo Exhibition), Hogan Gallery, Collingwood VIC

2007, Artist’s Salvage Trail, "The Long Now" (Solo Public Sculpture Commission), Nowa Nowa VIC

2007, LightCycle Design Festival, FAD Gallery, Melbourne VIC

2007, Art Red Hill Sculpture Exhibition, Red Hill VIC

2007, Black & White, Common Grounds, Lakes Entrance VIC

2006-2007, Summer Works at Yelen’s Studio Gallery, Nowa Nowa VIC

2006, Art at Burnley Harbour - Contemporary Art Society, Richmond VIC

2006, Caravan Sculptors December 06 Exhibition, Richmond VIC

2006, Nowa Nowa Nudes, Nowa Nowa VIC

2005, Art at Burnley Harbour - Contemporary Art Society Richmond VIC

2005, Collector's Exhibition - Contemporary Art Society, Carlton VIC

2004, G4 Group Exhibition, Footscray VIC

2000, Seattle AI Exhibition, Seattle USA

2000, The Arts Center Summer Exhibition, Seattle USA

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